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Fern of Maru Bay, Children

Aquiliton and the Lost Princess, Children

Jeremy, Children

Daffy, Children

Loito and the Lioness (David Read), Children

Namasi, the Shoe Maker (David Read), Children

Sassy Episode 1 The Amazing Fire-Fighting Rescue Dog, Children

The Vegeterian Tiger, Children

Pedro Stop! New Release, Children


Jimothy, Children

Ovkors Saves Christmas - revised edition., Children

Sal Gets Stuck, Children

Colin Leslie's Boots, Children

Kay Beverley's Problem, Children

Billy's Digger, Children

The Boys of the Houhora Harbour, Children

The Prince and the Dragon, Children

Aquiliton, Children

The green Pond, Children

A New Zoo, Children

Chasing the Rainbow, Children

Growing up as a Monarch Caterpillar, Children

The Rabbits of Tussock Hill, Children

Tales in Verse - For Kiwi Kids, Children

The Pipsies (Volume 1), Children

Brain Strain, Children

Toucan, Children

Feathers and Gob; Four Seasons, Children

The Forbidden Vaults of Aquiliton, Children

The Lost Property Department, Children

A Herb Book From Nature, for children to use, Children

Attack at Shark Bay, Children

My Country Holiday Long Ago, Children

Batjack, Children

How to Stop being Bullied - A Kids' Guide, Children

The Stolen Patuki, Children

The Bravest Bee, Children

The Knave and the Princess, Children

The Hornbill and the Mongoose, Children

Behind the Waterfall, Children

Rosemary and her Bubble Machine, Children

Nine days to Christmas, Children

Trapped on Devil's Peak, Children

The Raven, Children

Look Like Luke, Children

Stella The Magical Pony, Children

Mountain Mystery, Children

The Adventures of Ollie the Octopus, Children

I'm A Little Kiwi (book & CD), Children

I Want to be a Dancer, Children

Ivan I. Dear - A Wire Wizard, Children

Izzie's Surprise, Children

R.I.P. Cyberbullying - A Guide for Parents, Children

ARK, Children

The Adventures of Honeysuckle, Children

The Mapua Village Cookbook, Children

The Sea and Me, Children

Ripple and the wild horses of White Cloud Station, Children

Summer with horses, Children

Riding High at White Cloud Station, Children

Horse magic, Children

Sam the Ambulance, Children

Sam and the Helicopter Paramedic, Children

Sam Goes to Rugby, Children

Sam goes to the Country, Children

The Caballero, Children

'Avaiki Tautau, Children

Villains, Visitors and Victory - Book One in the Bush Capers series, Children

Hi Diddle Diddle, the Cat did a Piddle, Children

Carter and Friends, Children

Ponies of Pencarreg, Children

The Sky Fairy, Children

The Butterfly, Children

The Giant and The Fairy, Children

Perfect Fit For Pedro, Children

Brave Little Jack, Children

My Favourite Kisses, Children

Sassy Episode 2 The Amazing Fire-Fighting Rescue Dog, Children

The Boy with the Gold in Hair, Children

The Trees and Me, Children

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part One: DJar, Children

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part Two: SJilai, Children

The Raspberry Jam Gang, Children

A Bear's Journey, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand, Children

Who's in Billy's Garden?, Children

Riding the Wai, Children

A Titi Tale, Children

Be Careful What You Eat!, Children

Flying Free, Children

Be Careful What You Eat! LARGE RINGBOUND VERSION, Children

Fish and Chips The Goldfish, Children

Fish and Chips The Goldfish LARGE RINGBOUND VERSION, Children

Little Bear Tries, Children

The Little Raindrop, Children

Children of Dove Farm, Children

Jess and the Card Puppy, Children

Hieroglyph, Children

Fairy Dust, Children

Fun at the Farm, Children

The Bugs and Me, Children

Sam, The Hat, and The Dragon, Children

Wiremu and the Cat Gang, Children

Frankie and the Flypaper, Children

Rabbit's Big Idea, Children

Splendid Fellow Pumpkin, Children

Grandad and the Three Greedy Goats, Children

The Three Greedy Pigs and the Big Friendly Pig Dog, Children

Dinky Goes Red, Children

Custard and Carriages, Children

The Hungry Little Praying Mantiss, Children

Claire and the Weka, Children

Wahoo Wahoo Come to the Zoo, Children

Nga Tae - Colours, Children

Nga Ahua - Shapes, Children

Kate and Caboodle, Children

All By Myself, Children

Sheldon's Fishing Fiasco, Children

Manu's Mishap, Children

You're OK Kingi, Children

Pipi Gets Pawed, Children

Tilly's Tumble, Children

Grandad's Secret, Children

Grandad's Garden, Children

Professor Vunderverk's Space Adventure, Children

I am Loved, Children

Old Rooster and Little Rooster, Children

Rusty The Dusky Dolphin, Children

Who's in Billy's Garden 2, Children

The Falcon, Children

The Little White Donkey, Children

The Little Elephant, Children

Lucy and the Merman, Children

The Big Totara, Children

Inspired by the Epistles, Children

Paddy the Wanderer and Champagne Charlie, Children

Numbers Speak, Children

Pukeko, Children

Hemi and the Poisoned Possum, Children

Daphne's Dreadful Day, Children

A Cabbage in a Spiderweb, Children

When My Nanny Comes to Stay, Children

When We Visit Pop, Children

Adventures in Natural Learning Handbook, Children

The Tale of Two Tough Toms, Children

Amber and the Pukekos, Children

Doggy Do's and Don'ts, Children

Queen Jewel's Castle, Children

Here Comes the Wonderkid of Cricket!, Children

Adventures in Pencarreg, Children

Gavin James's Haircut, Children

Messy, Children

Back to Bed, Children

Bowki and Bubba, Children

The Weka Who Wanted to Sing, Children

The Adventures of Bird Island Book One: Mrs Canary and her Three Chicks, Children

The Adventures of Bird Island Book Two: Stranger Danger, Children

The Adventures of Bird Island Book Three: The Talent Quest, Children

Living with the Lions, Children

Escape from Deadman's Gully, Children

Rescue on Mount Hopeless, Children

Life of the Tigs, Children

Pony Colouring Book 1, Children

Pony Colouring Book 2, Children

Pukeko The Performer, Children

Uncle Tappit, Children

The Chestnut Mare, Children

Fish and Chips and Other Stories, Children

Wisdom 101: Growing Great Skills for Living, Children

Angus Mc Paw's MONSTROUS Adventure, Children

Tangaroa's Fingernails, Children

A Handful of Eggs, Children

Pukeko The Explorer, Children

Tui Does it Tough, Children

Tarawera and the Taniwha, Children

SnowBright and the Frozen Waste, Children

Huka-Piata me ngā Para Pātiotio, Children

The Bugsville Hotel, Children

Daisy Haphazard, Children

Watch the Ball, Children

Blue Cloud, Children

Little Dragon Learns How to Breathe Fire, Children

Down at the Rocky Shore, Children

Moth, Children

Sam & the Reading Dog, Children

Invisible Elephants, Children

The Kaka of Rakiura, Children

Arabella and the Bubble, Children

Euphemia A Fairy's Tale, Children

Taniwhasaurus, Children

The Rascally Hedgehog, Children

The Wizard's Key, Children

Tails, Children

Pete the Possum and Friends, Children

Pete the Possum and Friends go Fishing, Children

Resident Weka in the Camping Ground, Children

The Terror of Tavistock Road, Children

It's Time To Go!, Children

Please Explain, Toby Wilson!, Children

Wonderful Girls, Children

Tanu and Little Blue, Children

We're Going On A Fossil Hunt, Children

Ram on the Roof, Children

The Cycle Train, Children

No Bruno! No!, Children

Ethan's Roar, Children

The Fire Fox, Children

Weka Haka, Children

Save The Whale, Children

Tock Saves the Earth, Children

The Toothsmith, Children

Micky Finds a Pet Human, Children

The Mind Traveller: Cambodia, Children

The Four Jolly Mice with Carter, Children

Sophie's Speech, Children

You Need a Good Nose, Children

Never Ending Summer - The Flight of the Godwit, Children

Pete the Possum Holds a Party, Children

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