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Adult Products:

Aquiliton and the Lost Princess, Fiction

The Edge of Darkness (Bryce Hadfield), Fiction

The Glideway, Fiction

Bushido's Bastards, Fiction

Awhina's People (Suzanne Clark), Fiction

Barefoot over the Serengeti (David Read), Fiction

Waters of the Sanjan (David Read), Fiction

The Water Race (D. Bradley), Fiction

Enkidu (Jenefer Haig), Fiction

Four Rivers (Merelyne Boniface), Fiction

The Thirsty Rooster, Fiction

Creative Coffee for Dads, Fiction

Unexpected, Fiction

Fern of Maru Bay, Fiction

Aquiliton, Fiction

Tooned In, Fiction

In the Real World, Fiction

A Wind From the North, Fiction

Sex Lies and Here Be Dragons, Fiction

Bits and Pieces, Fiction

Second Innings, Fiction

The Demos Deception (Carl Anson), Fiction

Last Days in Atlantis: The City of the Golden Gates(Stephanie H. Hammond), Fiction

SpacEscape, Fiction

Samurai Warrior (Fez McLeod), Fiction

Mrs Lacy (Suzanne Clark), Fiction

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part Three: Kun DJar, Fiction

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part Four: Treyak, Fiction

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part Five: Kelot, Fiction

The Happiness Inquisition, Fiction

Lohland, Fiction

Payback, Fiction

Twilight Love, Fiction

The Trapper, Fiction

Fitting the Profile, Fiction

Tour de South, Fiction

The Lost Property Department, Fiction

Land, Love, Tears and Laughter, Fiction

Attack at Shark Bay, Fiction

Batjack, Fiction

Manhood, Fiction

Jason's Dunny, Fiction

The Methuselah File, Fiction

The Children of Gaia, Fiction

Beneath the Perfect World, Fiction

Silvana: The Greening, Fiction

DeerKeeper, Fiction

Trapped on Devil's Peak, Fiction

The Raven, Fiction

Searching for Allie, Fiction

Random Writings, Fiction

Stella The Magical Pony, Fiction

Rankins Creek, Fiction

The Stove and The Stage, Fiction

Ivan I. Dear - A Wire Wizard, Fiction

Izzie's Surprise, Fiction

ARK, Fiction

The Adventures of Honeysuckle, Fiction

Love A Little John: Abysmal Brute, Fiction

Blue Sheep Red Lily, Fiction

Ripple and the wild horses of White Cloud Station, Fiction

Summer with horses, Fiction

Wild horse country, Fiction

Riding High at White Cloud Station, Fiction

Horse magic, Fiction

Autumn with horses, Fiction

Winter with horses, Fiction

Horse Lore, Fiction

The Caballero, Fiction

'Avaiki Tautau, Fiction


Villains, Visitors and Victory - Book One in the Bush Capers series, Fiction

Ponies of Pencarreg, Fiction

The Intangible Web, Fiction

Attachment, Fiction

Final Retribution, Fiction

Brave Little Jack, Fiction

Vimy Ridge, Percy's Escape, Fiction

Sassy Episode 2 The Amazing Fire-Fighting Rescue Dog, Fiction

The Taste of Revenge, Fiction

The Green Feather, Fiction

His Father's Will, Fiction

An Unexpected Hero, Fiction

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part One: DJar, Fiction

Of a Note in a Cosmic Song - Part Two: SJilai, Fiction

Soup & Bread, Fiction

The Raspberry Jam Gang, Fiction

The Water Treatment, Fiction

Tall Tales and True - From Kohatu and Beyond, Fiction

Be Careful What You Eat!, Fiction

Flying Free, Fiction

Be Careful What You Eat! LARGE RINGBOUND VERSION, Fiction

Fish and Chips The Goldfish, Fiction

Fish and Chips The Goldfish LARGE RINGBOUND VERSION, Fiction

Little Bear Tries, Fiction

Silvana: The Turning, Fiction

Children of Dove Farm, Fiction

A Matter of Choice, Fiction

The Hollywood School of Dressmaking, Fiction

The Man from Cestor 5 and other stories, Fiction

The West Coast Whitebait Children - Books One and Two, Fiction

The West Coast Whitebait Children - Book One, Fiction

The West Coast Whitebait Children - Book Two, Fiction

Gone, Brother, Gone, Fiction

The Hungry Little Praying Mantiss, Fiction

Claire and the Weka, Fiction

C.O.C.E.T, Fiction

Exits and Entrances, Fiction

Old Rooster and Little Rooster, Fiction

Rusty The Dusky Dolphin, Fiction

Who's in Billy's Garden 2, Fiction

The Falcon, Fiction

Raw Country, Fiction

Turbulent Waters, Fiction

A Man of the Golden Rivers, Fiction

Inspired by the Epistles, Fiction

Desire and Detriment, Fiction

Paddy the Wanderer and Champagne Charlie, Fiction

Pukeko, Fiction

Hemi and the Poisoned Possum, Fiction

Daphne's Dreadful Day, Fiction

Web of Gold, Fiction

D. Time, Fiction

Keep Your Head Up, My Girl, Fiction

Lola Night, Fiction

A Cabbage in a Spiderweb, Fiction

The Floating Basin, Fiction

The Springs, Fiction

Letting Go, Fiction

Phoenix, Fiction

Second Time Around, Fiction

Here Comes the Wonderkid of Cricket!, Fiction

Reel the Line Gently, Fiction

The Will To Succeed, Fiction

The Drain Layer's Mystery, Fiction

Death Before His Time, Fiction

Adventures in Pencarreg, Fiction

Short Head and Yard, Fiction

Farmer Bill, Fiction

Shadows of the Past, Fiction

Escape from Deadman's Gully, Fiction

Rescue on Mount Hopeless, Fiction

Pukeko The Performer, Fiction

A Stitch In Time, Fiction

The Chestnut Mare, Fiction

Fish and Chips and Other Stories, Fiction

Angus Mc Paw's MONSTROUS Adventure, Fiction

BAD GUYS Don't Always Lose, Fiction

The Discovery, Fiction

Pukeko The Explorer, Fiction

The Bolthole - A Novel of New Zealand, Fiction

The Girl and the Mirror, Fiction

Best of VJMP 2017, Fiction

Stories of the Southern Sea, Fiction

Critical Point, Fiction

Welcome Home, Fiction

Children of the Furnace, Fiction

Jumping Jazzi, Fiction

Blue Cloud, Fiction

Little Dragon Learns How to Breathe Fire, Fiction

Remember The Brave, World War I, Fiction

Malakim: Battle of the Outback, Fiction

Moth, Fiction

A Catastrophe of Gigantic Proportions, Fiction

Sam & the Reading Dog, Fiction

Euphemia A Fairy's Tale, Fiction

Impressions, Picton Poets an Anthology, Fiction

Wild Garlic, Fiction

Past/Present, Fiction

Words She Cannot See, Fiction

When Gina Pressed ENTER, Fiction

Bad Oil and the Animals, Fiction

The Fire Keeper's Girls, Fiction

Drippings from a Teapot, Fiction

Spirit Stealer, Fiction

Fury's Island, Fiction

Fury's Ghost, Fiction

The Rascally Hedgehog, Fiction

Children of the Furnace Book Two: Crosstrees, Fiction

The Bird Talker Te Pūkōrero Manu, Fiction

Storm Clouds Over Levuka, Fiction

Make A U-Turn When Possible, Fiction

Ferox: Red in Tooth and Claw, Fiction

Family of Strangers, Fiction

Marianne Castle, Fiction

I'm OK, Fiction

The Tapu Garden of Eden, Fiction

To The White Gate, Fiction

The Fine Art of Kindness, Fiction

Six Murders?, Fiction

My Marian Year, Fiction

Game or Gambit, Fiction

Please Explain, Toby Wilson!, Fiction

Working away, unseen, Fiction

Bill & Chops, Fiction

The Thread, Fiction

Taelstone, Fiction

Ram on the Roof, Fiction

Nelson Noir, Fiction

Welcome Home: Book Two, Fiction

Save The Whale, Fiction

Journey of the Sea, Fiction

Snowgirls, Fiction

Restored, Fiction

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