To Be A Star

A collection of poetry

To Be A Star -
To Be A Star
A collection of poetry

I remember, when I was a child of thirteen, it was decreed by the Maori Chief that the native bush I lived within a few yards of must be left untouched for posterity.

I had the joy of wandering through that canopy of nature, and marvelling at its beauty. The totaras, the rimus, and many others, and the carpet of ferns and undergrowth, gave a haven to so many species of land and bird life.

How lucky I was to experience this beauty, untouched by man, and have that wondrous beauty of nature fastened in my mind forever.
Can one wonder why I write so many poems of nature?
  • ISBN: 9780994132437
  • Published: 1/6/2016
  • Pages: 114
  • Dimensions: 210x148mm
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