Game or Gambit

Game or Gambit -
Game or Gambit
Power... Violence... Love... Intrigue...

Years after his grandfather’s MI6 foray into Eastern Europe, twenty-something British researcher George Fairbrother takes up the offer of an expenses-paid South American holiday to search for a long-lost Nazi flag.
He meets an alluring German woman and their adventures test their budding relationship. Others hunt for the Blood Flag too, seeking to advance their own interests.
Meanwhile, the Russian president will go to extraordinary lengths to re-establish Russia’s supremacy, prestige and territory.
He blind-sides his own intelligence personnel as his opening gambit and plays power politics with world leaders to achieve his goals in the face of bloody pandemonium. Will he implement his nefarious Chaos strategy on the chessboard of Europe?
  • ISBN: 9780473474966
  • Published: 1-5-2019
  • Pages: 256
  • Dimensions: 224x159mm
Soft cover Soft cover
NZ$ 30.00

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