An Outdoor Obsession

An Outdoor Obsession -
An Outdoor Obsession
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Who takes their new bride into the middle of nowhere, to go hunting on their honeymoon?
Join John Eason and his family and friends as they recall wild experiences from 50 years of hunting in the New Zealand bush. Stories from Te Urewera, Whirinaki, Kaimanawas, the East Coast, Whanganui, Raukumaras, Mt Aspiring, the West Coast, Fiordland and Stewart Island. Tales of hunting sambar, sika, red, whitetail, tahr, chamois, pigs and trapping possums – you name it, you’ll read about it. Be enthralled by stories of swollen rivers, flooded huts, flying in doorless helicopters, inappropriate actions out of moving vehicles, medivacs, search and rescues, rafting, jetboating, hunting antics, the animals that got away and the trophy heads so sought after.
This is hunting how it used to be, no GPS or fancy smartphones. Just old-fashioned maps and a good amount of iron in your nose. An Outdoor Obsession is not just a book of stories about hunting, it’s also about the firm friendships formed and the spirit of camaraderie only experienced when you ‘go bush’.
  • ISBN: 9780473482275
  • Published: 17/6/2019
  • Pages: 246
  • Dimensions: 244x165mm
Soft cover Soft cover
NZ$ 45.00

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