Please Explain, Toby Wilson!

Please Explain, Toby Wilson! -
Please Explain, Toby Wilson!
The first book in the Please Explain series

Seriously, it wasn’t my fault.

Toby Wilson doesn’t mean to do the wrong things. He thinks of himself as an ordinary person just getting along doing the best he can, but somehow everything that he does ends in disaster.
Toby’s sister, The Midget is a loud, controlling, scheming bully and she is only three years old. She terrorises her family who live in fear of upsetting her. The psychologists say she is special and that she lives on the spectrum, but that doesn’t make her any easier to live with.
Toby knows that it is all The Midget’s fault that his good intentions result in disastrous outcomes, why can’t the teachers see the connection?
This book is a collection of the explanations for his behaviour that Toby has written during his lunch hours.

Keep yourself and the whole family in constant laughter at the solutions Toby invents to fix his problems. They work but not in the way he intends.
  • ISBN: 978-0-473-46560-5
  • Published: 1/5/2019
  • Pages: 146
  • Dimensions: 200x130mm
Soft cover Soft cover
NZ$ 20.00

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