The Forty-Hour Principal

The Forty-Hour Principal -
The Forty-Hour Principal
The book no one had time to write!
If you are a school leader you need to read this book. If you are a school leader who is battling to keep up, you really need to read this book!
School leadership has become very challenging over the last few years. Good people hang in there because they know what they do matters. But the personal cost is high – it’s time to do things differently!
The Forty Hour Principal will ...
- challenge the way you lead your school
- expose the truth about why you do some of the stuff you really shouldn’t
share ways to make this crazy, all-consuming job we do better – better for the kids you serve, and better for you
We don’t have all the answers, but we do have years of principalship experience and have collaborated with dozens of educators to bring this collection of provocations and thoughts to life.
It’s organised into bite sized chapters that are easy to absorb and written by current practitioners.

“You’ve written in an easy style that is enjoyable to read while also being totally relevant to our work.” Mark Creba, Principal
“Makes you think about your practice and the time you spend in your job each week; I really liked the text on impact versus hours.” Dave Robinson, Principal

  • ISBN: 9780995129214
  • Published: 1/9/2019
  • Pages: 114
  • Dimensions: 210x148mm
Soft cover Soft cover
NZ$ 30.00

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