Save The Whale

Save The Whale -
Save The Whale
Rosie looked at Rangi, ‘There must be a way to stop whaling.’
Rangi nodded, ‘Yeah it is pretty nasty that people just keep on doing this stuff. Not just whaling but plastic polluting the sea and killing fish, all bad stuff. I did think of something, but it is really out there. It is something we could do, because we are under fourteen and we can do stuff that older people can’t do. The law says we are too young to be prosecuted.’
Anaru and his friends stow away on a Japanese whaling vessel with the intention of interrupting the whaling schedule and destroying the chances of a whale being caught. All does not go as planned, and the seemingly simple plan turns into a crazy, scary adventure.
  • ISBN: 9780473496661
  • Published: 1/12/2019
  • Pages: 134
  • Dimensions: 200x130mm
Soft cover Soft cover
NZ$ 20.00

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